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Latam is a great niche to get backlinks, discover the 10 websites that we offer you.

When proposing a link building strategy, backlinks Latam must be mentioned without a doubt. It is one of the digital markets with the greatest potential in the world; Growing international relations make it necessary not only to consider obtaining quality links through national niches, but also international ones. If what you want is to obtain Latam backlinks, in this article we offer you various quality media from different countries, take a look!

At Getlinko you can find many of the media with the greatest impact and quality in Latam, so obtaining backlinks and SEO optimization is easily available to anyone who wants to have a presence in digital media on the continent.

Explore the Latam backlink catalog

Globalization makes digitization and new markets look to Latam to apply their strategies of backlinks medium and long term. An ally like Getlinko is all you need to improve the positioning of your website in Google, being a link marketplace which makes it easier for Latam digital media to link you through sponsored articles.

It counts more than 10,000 hyper-segmented blogs, newspapers and digital magazines from all over the world. In addition to the previous list of the best Latam backlinks, here you have access to our web search engine so that you can continue finding relevant media for your strategy de link building:

Which media offer the best Latam backlinks?

Here is a list of 10 quality websites for the obtaining backlinks, as well as a catalog of the platform itself Getlinko, so you can perform the search you consider appropriate.

Diario de México

One of the most prestigious and widely read media is Diario de México, highlighting its main section “my city” where they dedicate a space to each of the most important cities in the country. Its valuation within all the SEO metrics that Getlinko offers is around 50 points, so it is a generalist medium to take into account if you want to develop a quality strategy.

Its website stands out for a modern and young corporate identity, its colorful title reflects the ideas and identity of the medium, and it is that being aware of globalization, digitalization, and new trends, they are very innovative.


With editions in Mexico, Sinaloa, the USA and America, Debate is a medium with a general theme, but with a special paragraph in the “police” section, offering information about the security forces of the different points that it covers. The news of the day is its main niche, as well as other regional sections specialized in each of the various states that make up the country of Mexico.

As for obtaining Latam backlinks, its SEO metrics</a > They offer differential data, and that is that their organic traffic by Ahrefs establishes their daily visits at 14 million!. In addition to this, other values such as the DA, the DR and the PA are close to 80 points, making it a highly recommended web portal .

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The generalist press is a basic space if you want to obtain Latam backlinks, and Crónica is the spitting image of what a generalist media should offer. National, cultural, international sections and even opinion and sports make this medium a clear exponent of a culturally, socially and democratically advanced medium.

Within the Getlinko media catalog, this medium offers you conditions that are difficult to question, and that is that all the metrics reach very high values, with a Domain authority by MOZ with more than 70 points and organic traffic close to a million.

El Tiempo

One of the most prestigious general media in Colombia, El Tiempo has led the field of information within the country since 1911, being the medium with the greatest impact and greatest stability. It has a very high volume of news and sections, and a web interface at the level of the great generalist media in the world.

It has SEO metrics at the level of your expectations; a Domain authority by MOZ of 90 points reflects the level of credibility, importance, and experience of this medium. In addition to this, it has an organic traffic of almost 400,000 monthly visits, which makes this medium a benchmark in Colombia with which you can get quality Latam backlinks.


The economy is a determining sector for the functioning of society, and having the presence of a leading medium in the economic information sector, such as Portafolio in Colombia, increases the chances that you will achieve Latam backlinks.

Being a specialized medium, it is easy to measure the audience niche you are entering if you consider the possibility of advertising in this medium. Its reliability is undeniable, it is the leader in its sector and it has values that more than justify its good reputation. 80 points in DA and DR mean that the specialized press must be taken into account.

Diario Popular

One of the most frequented and important media outlets in Argentina, as well as one of the most accessible in proportion to the Latam backlinks it offers you, is Diario Popular. This medium has been continuously growing since it became a reference in sales within the country in 2011, standing out for its high volume of regional, national and international news.

Its SEO metrics are an absolute certainty, and it is that its organic traffic is almost 2 million monthly visits together with a Domain authority of more than 80 points, making this medium a safe bet.

Rosario 3

It cannot be said that Rosario 3 is a regular newspaper; rather it is the website of a television channel. However, its web interface is designed so that the reader feels that they are consuming general press, and in fact it is so. This medium is specialized in the regional, national and international press, and offers excellent conditions for you to obtain Latam backlinks.

Very high values in its metrics, as well as an organic traffic of more than 6 million monthly visits make this web portal of the famous Argentine television channel a total guarantee for obtaining Latam backlinks.


From this moment we enter a niche for obtaining Latam backlinks that very few have taken into account until now. Not only the Spanish-speaking community is the one that offers this quality content, since the rest of the Latin American countries must also be taken into account.

Brazil is beginning a process of digital development where its media represent an expansion of interests at an international level. News portals such as Ciberia are proof that progress is reaching the country, and with it the inclusion of strategies to obtain Latam backlinks. This medium has very acceptable values, as well as a very high growth margin.

Diario de Penápolis

With more than 30 years of experience covering local, regional and national news in Brazil, Diario de Penápolis offers very interesting conditions for you to obtain quality Latam backlinks within the niche what the Brazilian public supposes.

Like the rest of the media in Brazil, they are aware of the importance of inclusion in the digital sector, and they offer you some very interesting conditions for news, sponsorships and obtaining Latam backlinks.

Mundo Latino

The specialized press is always of great interest when you intend to start a strategy to obtain Latam backlinks. The organic traffic may be less, but you know for sure the profile of the audience you are reaching.

Mundo Latino covers the theme of the national press and the tabloids, having very optimal values in terms of SEO metrics for a medium that does not cover general information. It continues to be a sector of great interest to audiences, which is why it is an information sector that should not be discarded.

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