These are the 15 best websites to get Backlinks in Spain

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Nowadays, if you want to grow on the internet, it is essential that you have a blog and a website design that is responsive. However, such attributes alone are not enough. Within the wide range of strategies offered by digital marketing, one of the most important is linkbuilding. Not only is it a basic SEO tool, but it’s an essential method for you to connect with Internet users. As search engine ranking factors, backlinks are what give you off-page visibility. They serve the purpose of helping your website acquire more visits and climb in the Google ranking, which translates into a greater ability to cover the needs of your target audience. The term corresponds to the designation of links that point from another website to a page of your domain, so, in general terms, it will be all the links that redirect to your site.

Get Backlinks in Spain

But how do you make your website grow? Designing and implementing an effective content marketing plan may seem like a complex task, but with the right tools, getting Google’s algorithms to look in your favor can be easier than you think. Getlinko, for example, is a marketplace that connects publishers with advertisers to make it easier for webmasters like you to buy backlinks in Spain. The platform has a wide catalog of media from all over the world, from whom you can request sponsored posts to strengthen your link-building strategy. In addition, you will find a significantly extensive list of Spanish websites with the best metrics to generate quality backlinks. Are you up for it? In this article, we’ll tell you about the best blogs, digital newspapers, and magazines in Spain that you can’t miss if you want to stay up to date with current affairs and achieve important alliances that take your portal to the next level.

What are the best websites to get Backlinks in Spain?

1. El Confidencial Digital

When it comes to current affairs and news, accurate and timely information is the hallmark of every media outlet. The responsibility in the dissemination of information to communicate notes of interest to a wide audience is social and marketing values that identify this Spanish website. In short, it is a website for people who want to be well-informed. If you want to generate quality backlinks with prestigious media and national coverage, this can be a great option. El Confidencial Digital works with various sections that may be of interest to you, not only in terms of news but also in terms of entrepreneurship, business, economics, the automotive world, politics, travel, hotels, and tourism. It’s perfect for kicking off your campaign!

2. Andalucía Información

Andalucía Información is a media outlet run by professionals with a high journalistic quality. It not only has an easily navigable web design, which invites you to read its various sections, but it also has special sections for different cities in the south of Spain. It represents the most important communication project that has been developed in the last ten years in Andalucía; founded on an elementary journalistic concept, it has managed to grow and expand from Cadiz to the other Andalusian provinces, positioning itself as one of the digital newspapers with the greatest reach.

3. Catalunya Diari

If you are looking to position your website in your province, Catalunya Diari is an excellent option. This platform offers varied content and current news information, along with very good metrics to start working with media in Spain. On this Catalan portal, you will find articles on economics, politics, and news from Spain and the world, as well as posts on fashion and consumption, entertainment, and horoscopes.

4. Castilla – La Mancha 24.

If there is a medium that stands out for its versatility and quality, it is this one. It covers content of interest and current affairs from provinces such as Albacete, Toledo, Guadalajara, Cuenca, and Ciudad Real in well-structured sections of news, business and economy, society, sports, and culture. In addition, it has very good multimedia content for its visitors.

5. El Ideal Gallego.

If there is a varied, charming, and culturally rich destination in Spain, it is Galicia. With its beautiful cities steeped in history and dreamy villages, it conquers the hearts of nationals and foreigners alike. However, Galicia is much more than just its landscapes, its impressive architecture, or its exquisite food. It also has media with a powerful network presence at a national level. El Ideal Gallego, for example, is a very well-crafted digital newspaper whose journalistic and marketing quality speaks for itself. It has varied sections for sponsored posts, such as entrepreneurship, business, and technology.

6. Europa Sur

It is another excellent Spanish media that you can include in your link-building strategy: a digital newspaper with responsive design, excellent metrics, and a journalistic concept that integrates the best of SEO to generate quality backlinks, which contribute to your growth on the internet and the positioning of your brand in search engines. On this website, you will find news articles from Campo de Gibraltar and Andalusia, as well as many other provinces in Spain, especially about society, opinion, culture, sports, marketing, entrepreneurship, and business.

7. Columna Cero

Under the premise of free journalism, this excellent media outlet proposes itself as a Spanish information platform that has journalists and readers as basic pillars, transforming the traditional way of working with the news with an effective method involving Internet users. Thus, Columna Cero’s web design has managed to perfectly copy the production model of the printed newspaper on its website, with organizational and professional structures that have achieved high-quality metrics.

8. Finacialred

Now, if you are looking for the best means to generate backlinks focused exclusively on economic and business topics, perhaps you should take a look at this excellent website in the catalog offered by Getlinko. Not only does it have very good metrics to boost your link-building campaign, but it also offers various channels and content of interest to all its readers. It is one of the best portals in Spain for you to keep up to date with the latest in investments, entrepreneurship, stock market, market fluctuations, and much more.

9. Ávila Red

A perfect means of communication for your link-building campaigns, as it has various news sections and excellent quality content on the topics of economy and society. You can also access its multimedia content, newspaper library, and image gallery, making it an easy-to-navigate website.

10. Crypto Economy

If 2020 has shown anything, it is that the Internet is the future of business, and working from home can be much more profitable than having a conventional office job. The key is to know how to manage your money so that it works for you, making the right investments. Precisely, Crypto Economy is one of those Spanish websites of excellent quality that helps entrepreneurs understand how the business world moves on the web and why the secret of success is technology.

11. Supercurioso

If your thing is travel, gastronomy, and interesting data from different paradisiacal destinations, in Supercurioso, you will find an extraordinary Spanish media with quality content, perfect for your content marketing strategy. It is not only focused on tourism but also handles a multiplicity of sections for readers with diverse tastes, from science, history, technology, and lifestyle to paranormal themes, cinema, television, literature, general culture, architecture, music, and video games.

12. Madrid Diferente

Entertaining, with a perfect design, light, different, and with sections aimed at satisfying the curiosity of travelers, Madrid Diferente has excellent articles for tourists from Spain and the world interested in getting to know the capital. Its varied sections offer you information of interest to plan your route through Madrid, as well as the best bars, restaurants, and cafes to savor one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And if you want to rank your brand on Google, choosing a medium like this to generate quality backlinks will surely get your website off the ground.

13. Málaga Hoy

Málaga Hoy is another excellent option if you are looking for a medium with good metrics to position your pages in search engines. In addition to having an excellent culture and society section, which offers coverage of tourism issues, it also has a high-quality journalistic structure that has helped it generate excellent organic traffic.

14. Mochileando por el Mundo

To generate quality backlinks and position yourself in the tourism sector on the internet, you must look for what travelers are interested in. Mochileando por el Mundo is one of those blogs that is so natural and well done that it manages to satisfy the curiosity of Internet users freshly and differently. Robert and Lety dedicate their time to traveling the world almost non-relentlessly, and while doing so, they offer useful tips and information for backpackers like themselves who want to experience the world and not just hear about it.

15. Diario 16

A digital newspaper that makes it clear that the future of information and entrepreneurship is on the internet. Excellent metrics and varied and quality information are just some of its essential values. It has sections on society, opinion, politics, culture, and much more, such as current affairs, sports, leisure, and economy. Now it’s your turn. What are you waiting for to take the plunge and start growing? Getlinko has one of the most extensive and varied catalogs of Spanish media for you to map out your link-building strategy in Spain. If you have any questions, we invite you to consult the Advertiser FAQ or Publisher FAQ section. And in case your concerns persist, contact the support team via online chat. See you inside!

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