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Terms and conditions of use of Getlinko.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 3rd January 2022.


The following notice of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website Getlinko administers and regulates the navigation and access to the websites under the domain “getlinko.com”, in addition to the obligations attached to the use of its content, texts, multimedia, graphics, codes, photographs, databases and other creations that form part of the intellectual property of the brand, under Spanish laws and international treaties that safeguard against unlawful use.

By accessing this website, the users agree to strictly adhere to the conditions stipulated by the company and that will be available to be verified by publishers and advertisers. Therefore, you should read the legal attachments carefully. Furthermore, the “user” will be understood as the individual or legal entity that registers, navigates, or uses the tools and benefits of the services and activities that Getlinko have developed for the public benefit.

In any case, the Getlinko brand is at liberty to establish specific conditions that assist in regulating the use or contracting of its different service through the website. Thus, the purpose of the domain consists of connecting different artists from the digital marketing world, known henceforth as “publishers” and “advertisers”, and facilitating the actions that are typical of the advertising, social communication, and marketing fields through the platform at their disposal.

For the purposes of this document, the term “advertiser” is explains as a person or legal entity that accesses, registers, or browses the Getlinko website, with the goal of satisfying their needs for quality content, marketing strategy and advertising by contracting the services offered by the page.

“Publishers” meanwhile are those who carry out the role of offering their professional advertising, writing and general marketing services, aimed at the “advertisers”. The vehicle for these offers will be the sale of sponsored articles or posts, which publishers will place on their websites or blogs.

Also included in this category are other professionals who operate in the market, such as freelance writers, that is, those who use the website to dedicate themselves to writing articles that will ultimately be aimed at “advertisers”. While influencers will be able to make their services available to advertisers through the sale of mentions or promotion of products on their networks.

Likewise, GetLinko has the capacity to help in the management of advertising campaigns, whose characteristics and conditions of use will be described in this document. It should also be noted that, before contracting the services of the company, the user has the right and obligation to carefully read the conditions created for this purpose, thereby accepting the regulations derived from its legality.


The exploration of the domain known as “getlinko.com” is free and subject to no charges, however, access may be restricted by the operator at any time, and therefore, emphasis is placed on the fact that access to the site by the user means full adherence to the Terms and Conditions of Use that deemed suitable by Getlinko and in the legal framework of the Spanish State, with the legal documents published at all times.

In order to reach the status of “publisher”  or “advertiser”, depending on the user’s position, registration is mandatory and will allow access to the functions of the website. Similarly, editors and influencers must also comply with this condition by registers as publishers to later publicise their services.

Registration of “advertisers”. This process is completed free of charge, by simply completing the registration form, which is available as a link on the GetLinko home page. To register, it is required to provide a selection of personal details on the website with the sole purpose of managing the request effectively. Therefore, registration implies acceptance of the applicable General Conditions and the data provided will be reviewed by the GetLinko team for validation.

Registration of “advertisers”. This registration is also completed through the form provided by GetLinko in the corresponding section. To register, the person interested in validating their site or blog must provide information in order for the company’s team to approve the request. The data will be reviewed, as well as the URLs and accounts related to the profile name, with the conclusion that once the user has been created, there is a commitment to formally abiding by the General Conditions of the site.

Those who register as “publishers” that are not from the press, such as influencers or freelance writers, must also complete the form for the service they wish to provide or request. This may require verification by the GetLinko team, who will study the quality of the person’s blog or portfolio, as well as the authenticity of the information.

Editors. These will be required to provide information to the GetLinko website in order to complete the registration request. They will also be required to complete an admission test or data verification, based on the layout and specifications of the GetLinko website.

Influencers. Along with the basic data for the registration form, it is essential that they add their accounts and other information requested by the platform, which will always be handled responsibly by the professional GetLinko team.


ABOUT THE PUBLISHER. At the time of registration, the user of the webpage will need to determine if they intend to request sponsored article services, in which case they would have to register as an “advertiser”, or conversely they want to share their blog, news site or other media, as an “editor”.

In the latter case, they must access the “publishers” section to complete the basic data request fields that will be managed and verified by GetLinko. However,t he company will not be responsible in any case for the information provided and therefore reserves the right to cancel the profile or account in the case that the data is false, the ownership of the domains is not verified or the published content is illegal.

REGARDING THE QUALITY OF THE PUBLISHER’S DOMAINS. GetLinko reserves the right to reject link farm websites or blogs, that is, URLs that are designed to sell links and posts with the aim of making a profit, as well as low-quality domains and plagiarised content.

REGARDING THE EXECUTION OF THE ASSIGNED WORK. “Publishers” should deliver quality content, that is 100% original and exclusive, the articles will be SEO-oriented of a minimum of 500 words. in order to meet the needs of the advertiser. Texts that have been copied, translated, or purchased for reproduction through third parties are totally prohibited and failure to comply with this paragraph would result in the immediate cancellation of the publisher’s account, as well as the retention of their income.

It is also essential to clarify that editors have a period of 3 days to accept the work and 7 days to write it. Once the period scheduled for delivery has expired, “getlinko.com” understands that the publisher or media outlet has not fulfilled its responsibility and will proceed to take measures so that the service is not interrupted and the advertiser is not harmed.

In cases where the advertiser has feedback on the submitted work or would like a modification to be made, the publisher will have a new deadline to comply with and make the necessary changes. Finally, once the text has been reviewed and approved, the total fee for the service will be paid to the publisher through the virtual wallet, with their work and right to charge the agreed fee being recognised. Writing articles. When submitting a job, the writer automatically assigns his intellectual property rights to the advertiser, giving them the power to act as they wish. Likewise, they are granted legitimacy, regardless of that of the owner, in order to prosecute violations that may affect whoever has received the post. Conversely, the editor, as guarantor of the authorship of the works, exonerates the advertiser and GetLinko from any liability towards third parties, assuming the consequences of claims, compensation and damages that the content in question may have caused.

REGARDING INCIDENTS CAUSED BY JOBS. Some of the most common issues between publishers and advertisers include the disappearance of a post or a change of URL of a link, that is, from “follow” to “no follow”. In the context of this issue, the publishers must proceed with the corresponding notification, so that it does not damage the advertiser. It should also be noted that, in the event that a refund to the requestor of what has already been cancelled, the publisher will be liable to pay from their wallet.

REGARDING THE PAYMENT METHOD. The cancellation of services provided by the publishers will be made in accordance with the tax withholding and the tax laws of each type of publisher, which means that “getlinko.com” is not responsible for the breach of editors’ obligations, by assuming that the tax data of the users is valid and truthful. Payments will be made through the PayPal platform or banks within Europe. Getlinko will never take responsibility for commissions generated by the publisher’s payment method.

REGARDING CONFIDENTIALITY. Similarly, the publisher or manager of the registered media promises to maintain the confidentiality of the orders or works that have been requested, approved, cancelled or rejected. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, GetLinko will be permitted to delete the account and initiate legal proceedings.

REGARDING DISHONEST ACTIONS. The publisher is strictly prohibited from offering their services independently to GetLinko advertisers, auctioning their services or using other methods for profit. Should this occur, GetLinko reserves the right to use the law to protect its business interests.

ABOUT THE PERMANENCE OF LINKS. The content creator agrees that the permanence of the link will be at least two years.



REGARDING THE CONDITION OF THE ADVERTISER. To be recognised as an “advertiser” and benefit from the services available on the GetLinko platform, the user must carry out the relevant registration form, which is accessible through the “advertisers” section on the Home Page of “getlinko.com. Once all the fields are complete and the account is verified, the new advertiser can start using the website, request content, and enjoy the benefits that the company so eagerly provides. A deposit is made through an exclusive wallet, which can be viewed at any time and will be linked to an account or card.

REGARDING THE MANAGEMENT OF THE WALLET AND PAYMENT FOR SERVICES. On the advertisers panel, the user with this type of profile will find options to complete top-ups, with the advertiser able to find the commissions from each request. Thus, when a depost is made into the wallet, the advertiser will be able to check their available balance and will then be able to manage their payment capacity. However, it should be made clear that 24 hours after the initial deposit, GetLinko is no longer responsible for any errors that may occur. The money will not be refunded and will appear as a useable balance within the company’s system.

REGARDING THE RIGHTS OF THE ADVERTISER. Users who have registered under the profile of “advertiser” can freely choose the editors they want to commission a job or to carry out sponsored articles. In addition, the advertiser can supervise the work and communicate their observations to the publisher; and in the event that the publisher removes the link from the post, the amount paid will be reimbursed to the advertiser.

TYPES OF PRESS AND BLOG LINKS. Within the “getlinko.com” platform, advertisers will be able to choose the link that suits them (follow or no follow), based on the needs of the domain or what they may have at the time of managing the order. Once this distinction has been established, there will be no room for variation, even less so if the publisher has already fulfilled the commission. If a media outlet or blog registered with GetLinko incurs a verifiable penalty from Google, it will be possible to modify the type of link without prior notice to the advertiser, with the understanding that the post in question would go from “follow” to “no follow”, according to Google guidelines.

The media or editor yields the full right to their intellectual property upon accepting and managing the advertiser’s request, allowing them to develop the work in question and granting legitimacy on the sponsored link.

ADDITIONAL WARNINGS. GetLinko does not assume responsibility, under any circumstances, for the opinions expressed in the posts and that could give rise to controversial opinions or comments.

CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT. As previously specified, GetLinko provides a quality service to its clients, through which advertising campaigns are directly managed. With this, the company receives briefings from clients to outline the strategy, in terms of topics, types of texts, links, and budget, in order to comply with the publishers’ management, handling the entire process and meeting the agreed deadlines.


“Advertiser” are not permitted to negotiate with GetLinko “publishers” in a particular way for the contracting of services using techniques or subterfuges of any nature. If this occurs, the company is fully entitled to proceed with legal actions that are deemed appropriate.


We reserve the right to update the Tersm and Conditions of this page at any time and without prior notice, to adapt it to new legislation or corporate decisions. For this reason, we recommend that you access the page each time you intend to use the website, in order to be adequately informed about how and why we use cookies at all times.


By using the GetLinko application, the User expressly accepts the treatment of the information collected mentioned in the Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy.

If you have questions about these Terms, you can contact us through the following email: info@getlinko.com, using the subject “Terms and Conditions of Use”.


The General Terms and Conditions of Use, present in this document, are established and published in the domain under the legislation of the Spanish State; therefore, any disagreement or controversy that it may cause will be resolved under the country’s jurisdiction.