Tech Blogs: These are the Best for Getting Links in 2024


The Getlinko platform has made a selection of some of the best technology blogs.

Today, you’ll see the best tech blogs to get quality links in 2024. If you are one of those who like to start the year prepared for everything that is coming, and you are already starting to carry out the research for your link building strategy, you have come to the right place.
We’ve made a selection of the best tech blogs based on relevant SEO statistics and the quality of each, so you can contact them and start your content and backlink plan before everyone else.

Before we start, I leave you with an amazing tool that will help you find not only the best technology blogs but also the ones you need. It has filters for specialized searches by country, type of media, sensitive topics, and much more. Try its wondrous power for yourself!

Now, let’s get on with our business. Below you will find the means.

Tech Blogs: These Are the Best for Getting Links in 2024

Digital Engine Land

Digital Engine Land is a trending technology blog that includes categories like Android, business, how-to articles, blogging tips, software, internet tricks, web designing, and more. It has solid SEO statistics DA 53, DR 64, PA 46.

Root my Galaxy

Root my Galaxy is a technology website that provides up-to-date technology insights, smartphone reviews, rooting tutorials, how-to guides, and more. The site covers brands like Apple, Windows, and different Android brands.


This website covers different aspects of computers and information technology. With a variety of blogs, news articles, tips, and solutions on their site, the amount of tech information is endless. Their most important SEO statistics are DA 53, DR 47, PA 51.

GetWox is a website that provides solutions related to Windows and macOS. This site offers several guides related to Windows and Mac issues. The blog is designed to help you solve your technical issues swiftly and efficiently.

The Tech Headlines

This blog provides the latest technology news. They offer information on various topics including tech brands, apps and software, gaming, and more.

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