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Link building is essential in building one’s SEO strategy. A new way to build links called outsource link building has emerged. This strategy is when you hire someone outside of your organization to secure new backlinks to your site.

This process can be a little tricky. In this blog, we will provide tips on how to properly use outsource link building. Let’s get started! 

Prepare your Website

To outsource link building, you should ensure that your website is prepared. A website that is prepared often has these qualities: structured, easy to navigate, engaging content, relevant keywords, internal linking structure, and more. The best time to outsource link building is when your content ranks at the top of search results. 

Be Informed on the Link Building Process

Before outsourcing link building, ensure you are informed on the link building process. The link building process includes setting clear objectives, building connections and link opportunities, creating valuable content, and tracking the progress and performance of links. There are also some key tips that you must remember when link building. It is best to link with sites with a high domain authority as they are typically better than those from low authority sites. You should always link with sites that are relevant to your site and your niche. Quality links are essential for the most effective link building.

Consider your Budget

Link building can be expensive, especially outsource link building. With this said, you should have a budget allotted. Consider this budget when building your link building strategy. You should consider all options that SEO agencies offer to determine which plan best fits your brand and your budget. You want a plan that is cost effective, cost efficient, quality, and increases your authority.

Red Flags to Avoid

There are some signs that tell you if you should avoid an agency. Here are some:

link building outsource- red flags

The False Promise

Link building is not an overnight process; it takes time and can be a time-consuming process. If an outsourced agency guarantees 100% that you will have the first spot on Google, they are untrustworthy. There are no specific guarantees in link building so it is impossible for an agency to promise you specific guarantees.

Fast Turnaround

As previously mentioned, link building takes time. If an agency promises to have links in a number of days they are probably using methods that aren’t good such as link farming and placing links on a network of links. 

Lack of Transparency

Transparency is vital in link building. Agencies should always be willing to share information and examples of their previous campaigns. This raises red flags as the agency is likely hiding something and is untrustworthy. 

Extremely Low Prices

Quality link building requires skill, time and effort. Producing quality links is never extremely cheap. If an agency offers links at extremely low costs, they are likely using shortcuts that aren’t beneficial to the business.

Why Getlinko?

Getlinko is a reputable SEO agency that can use link building outsource to help your brand improve your SEO. At Getlinko, we believe in providing quality links that will increase your visibility, increase your SEO ranking, and increase your website traffic in a cost-effective way. Getlinko has access to a plethora of networks that can help you build meaningful relationships with other brands.

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