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What is a Link Exchange?

A link exchange is a mutual agreement where two or more websites agree to link to each other. Link exchanges are designed to increase the visibility and search engine rankings of the websites. Link exchanges offer advantages on search engines, using the logic that quality backlinks signal to search engines that your site is credible. 

Swapping links produces many benefits, but they can also be risky. In this blog, we will offer some information on how to safely exchange links. Let’s get started!

Types of Link Exchanges

Private Influencer Networks

Private Influencer Networks (PIN) are an advanced way of exchanging links. In this method, a group of websites partner with one another to share backlinks, boost their rankings, and increase traffic flow. A PIN consists of at least four relevant sites that share links with each other. These sites work together to provide high-quality links that increase link popularity and improve its rankings. The shared value of the PIN increases as more people join and contribute to the network. This method allows websites with similar niches to help one another without direct competition. However, it is important to be careful with PINs because if it gets discovered by search engines it won’t be a good link.

backlinks exchange-types

Reciprocal Links

This method is a direct exchange between two websites. The goal is for each website to improve their SEO. Reciprocal links are the most common type of backlink exchange and can be seen as natural links. 

3 Way Link Exchange

This method creates a non-linear pattern of linking. 3-way link exchanges use an intermediary site to send and receive links between two high-quality sites. This type of backlink exchange is less obvious to search engines as content distribution is used. 

Guest Post Swaps

Link exchanges through guest posts are when people contribute guest posts on various websites that include a link to each other’s site. Guest posting in the SEO realm often produces quality links and relevant content. Guest posting allows websites to gain exposure based on their niche and domain authority.

How to Safely Exchange Links

Link exchanges are safe when used in moderation. Safe links should be related to your niche, high-quality, and trustworthy. Backlinks exchange should not be your primary link building strategy. Use other strategies to help you build your link building strategy. Only link to legitimate websites with regular updates to ensure the backlinks are of high value. Websites should have growing traffic to indicate that they will bring value through a link exchange.

Where to Find Link Exchanges

Backlink exchange opportunities can be found in online communities and networks. Link exchange opportunities often present themselves through chats such as Facebook and Slack. Here is some more information:

Facebook Groups: There are numerous public and private SEO groups on Facebook. In these groups members often discuss link exchanges.

Slack Channels: Search for Slack channels using online directories, niche sites, and social media. Channels related to SEO and digital marketing are spaces to connect with professionals and explore link swapping opportunities.

LinkedIn: On LinkedIn you can network with professionals in your industry. This is a great platform to make connections with others. These connections can further into link exchange discussions.

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