Digital Marketing Analytics Tools 2024: Free and Paid. These are the ones you’ll need!

Digital Marketing

In this article we will analyze the most important digital marketing analysis tools.

Digital Marketing Analysis Tools 2024

With the automation of processes and the rise of the emergence of specialized technological tools, it is ideal to stay up to date on the most useful ones for companies and specialists in terms of marketing, SEO, and entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ll look at the most important digital marketing analytics tools for 2024.

Although not all of them are new, in this article, we will go through the ones that are still the most used due to their operation and practicality, or that bring an update that is worth mentioning, and of course, the best digital marketing analysis tools that you may not have known about.

There are also some for all budgets and needs. Some are free, others freemium, and some are completely paid, but with a trial period for the most part, so you don’t make blind purchases.


Google Analytics provides a detailed view of how your website is performing. It allows you to understand user behavior, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, measure conversions, and analyze traffic sources.

With this information, marketers can make informed decisions to optimize content, improve the user experience, and maximize ROI. Additionally, Google Analytics is free for most users, making it an accessible tool for businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to Google analytics you will be able to:

  • Track user behavior 
  • Evaluate your advertising campaigns 
  • Measure your conversions or analyze traffic in detail

About Your Pricing

It’s a free tool in the Google Business Suite, however Google Analytics 360 is the paid version for larger companies with more features.


Its main purpose is to provide detailed information about how Google views your site, highlighting search queries that lead users to your page and displaying data about the indexing of your content.

Through this platform, SEO professionals can identify opportunities for improvement, troubleshoot indexing issues, and ensure that their site is optimized to attract quality organic traffic.

Being free, Google Search Console becomes an invaluable tool for optimizing online presence and increasing relevance in Google’s search results.

Make the most of these amazing features

  • Information about search queries and clicks. 
  • Crawling page indexing. 
  • Notifications of security issues and improved visibility in search results. 


Microsoft Clarity stands out as an essential tool for improving the user experience on a website. By providing user session recordings and heatmaps, Clarity allows marketers to visualize how visitors interact with their content.

This deep understanding makes it easy to identify areas for improvement, optimize content layout, and personalize the experience. Ideal for sites with generated user areas, Clarity helps prevent spam issues and maintain positive interaction.

The free nature of this tool makes it accessible to companies of various sizes, making it a valuable resource for optimizing the user experience and improving the effectiveness of digital strategies.

These are its most notable functions:

  • User session recordings
  •  Display heat maps to visualize areas of interaction.
  •  It analyzes clicks and scrolls and provides detailed insights into the user experience. 


With a focus on analyzing backlinks, keywords, and competitor performance, Ahrefs offers crucial insights to improve search engine visibility. SEO and marketing professionals can use this tool to identify growth opportunities, understand the effectiveness of their content strategy, and stay on top of competitor tactics.

Although Ahrefs offers paid plans, its 7-day trial allows users to explore its features and assess its impact before committing financially. With Ahrefs, SEO optimization becomes more accessible and strategic to improve online performance.

These are the users’ favorite features

The most popular features include detailed backlink analysis, researching keywords and their position in search engines, tracking keyword performance, and even auditing links and content.


Designed to create custom dashboards that consolidate information from a variety of sources, Klipfolio enables marketers to have a real-time, panoramic view of essential metrics.

Its ability to integrate with various data sources facilitates informed decision-making. Although Klipfolio operates on paid plans, its 14-day free trial gives users a chance to experiment with its potential before committing.

Providing an intuitive interface and powerful visualization capabilities, Klipfolio is an essential tool for those seeking an in-depth and accessible understanding of their digital performance.

Features you should try

Features you should try include the creation of custom dashboards, integration with various data sources, real-time visualization of important metrics, and automation of reports.


With its ability to monitor brand mentions, analyze content sentiment, and provide real-time alerts, Brand24 enables marketers to stay on top of relevant conversations and proactively respond to user reviews.

Although it operates on paid plans, Brand24 offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to evaluate its effectiveness before committing financially.

We’ll tell you about its main features

The main features include tracking brand mentions and competitors, getting a sentiment analysis of mentions, real-time alerts on relevant mentions, and the ability to generate Brand Analysis Reports.


Its main purpose is to simplify and optimize marketing campaigns, enabling the creation of automated workflows that personalize the interaction with potential customers.

Brevo offers a free trial, allowing users to experience its ability to automate campaigns, segment audiences, and analyze performance before committing financially.

Get to know its main sections

The main sections are automation of marketing campaigns, audience segmentation and personalization of messages, lead generation and follow-up, and campaign performance analysis. 


HubSpot is a complete platform that encompasses marketing, sales, and customer service, consolidating various functions into a single system.

Its main purpose is to simplify and enhance customer relationship management (CRM), offering tools for marketing automation, lead generation, and campaign analysis.

Although HubSpot has paid plans, it also offers a free version with limited features, allowing businesses to explore their potential before investing. With its ability to unify various areas of the customer lifecycle, HubSpot becomes an essential tool for those looking to centralize and streamline their marketing and sales operations.

Its most important functions are

  • Marketing automation and lead generation 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •  Creation and monitoring of campaigns
  •  Analysis and reporting tools.


Its main purpose is to facilitate the implementation of chatbots for customer support, provide automatic responses, and improve the user experience on online chat platforms. Although it does not operate with a direct pricing model, Chat GPT can be deployed through third-party platforms, some of which may offer limited testing of their services.

With its ability to personalize responses, improve efficiency in customer service, and create more dynamic user experiences, Chat GPT has become a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their online interactions.

The most relevant things about Chat GPT

  • Implementation of chatbots for customer service. 
  • Automatic and personalized responses. 
  • Improved user experience on online chat platforms.
  • Allows integration into websites and applications.

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