Copywriting: Wonderful Examples to Inspire You


Writing has always been considered an art, and in the case of copywriting, it should be no different: the copywriting examples you will read here will give you a taste of it. After all, it’s not just about grabbing the reader’s attention; it’s about persuading them to take it a step further and purchase a […]

Writing has always been considered an art, and in the case of copywriting, it should be no different: the copywriting examples you will read here will give you a taste of it.

After all, it’s not just about grabbing the reader’s attention; it’s about persuading them to take it a step further and purchase a certain product or service.

Almost magical, right? Well, the truth is that it has much more to do with technique and perseverance. It’s time to read the best copywriting examples so you have guidance and inspiration when you write yours:

Copywriting: Examples

Below, we will show you a series of texts written according to each area of marketing in particular:

1. Copywriting example for a landing page:

Spotify has a landing page that exemplifies what copying in this area should have on a website: a short and clear but persuasive message. A simple, clean design and colors that catch you by putting the focus on the point of interest, the CTA button:

2. Copywriting for product sheets

Product pages seek to convert to purchase. Once here, all that is needed is a little push for the person to finally make up their mind and do it, which is why it is so important that the copy clearly presents the characteristics of the product while answering the most frequently asked questions that people usually ask about it.

The opinions and comments of other buyers are very good because people tend to trust what their peers say about a particular thing.

3. Copywriting for Email Marketing

Copywriting in email marketing relies on delivering valuable content to potential buyers. Thus, it is important to conduct previous research about their interests and needs for your brand. This enables you to create a copy that is not only personalized but also persuasive. 

Mr. Wonderful is a brand that sells school supplies. Their email marketing uses persuasive language that inspires trust. Combined with a thoughtfully selected color palette and design, this approach increases a sense of intimacy with the audience.

4. Copywriting Example for Online Advertising

In this type of copy, the key, more than ever, is to strike a chord with people. In a landscape overpowered with images and text aimed at selling, capturing the reader’s emotions will determine whether they forget or remember your message.

Coca-Cola has a long experience in this, and there is a lot we can learn by observing the advertising it has been creating for decades. Here is one of the many examples that can be taken from it:

5. Copywriting for social media

In this area, the point of interest of the copy should focus on entertaining and interacting with your target audience. These copies should achieve the loyalty of the target audience with the brand.

Here, it is a good idea to talk one-on-one with the readers to make each of them feel alluded to and invited to give their opinion; do you get the idea? Let’s see with this example:

6. Copywriting for podcasts

Copywriting aims to clearly communicate offerings and strategically position content. Two wonderful examples exemplify this: “Understand Your Mind,” a podcast where a psychology student shares insights from his study and dialogues with experienced professionals. Here, it is clear that the content is about psychology; the built-in CTA is the icing on the cake.

The other example is the podcast entitled “A Fashion Podcast;” it is clear, direct, and leaves no ambiguity about its content.

7. Copywriting example for Google Ads

Nike has an ideal example of a good copy for this type of format; it is brief and expresses the spirit of the brand perfectly from the first line. In addition, it leaves no doubt about what the user will find when clicking:

8. Packaging Copywriting

On the boxes of the famous doughnut brand Krispy Kreme, you can read the phrase “contains a dozen smiles,” using the emotionality of its customers to connect with them and stay engraved in their minds:

Copywriting: Wonderful Examples to Inspire You 6

9. Copywriting example to advertise an app

Forest is an app that helps those who install it stay focused. Their copying is short, precise, and relies on images to explain what their service consists of, leaving room for curiosity for people to decide to install it:

10. Copywriting for Social Work

Laika, a brand specializing in the world of pets and their needs, together with the social network for professionals, Linkedin, published a copy to support the adoption of puppies. They did so in a creative way that adapted to the format that this platform demands:

11. Copywriting Example for Billboards

These are not a few words; they are enough to accompany a very significant image. With this billboard, Tylenol gives a perfect example of what a creative copy is that makes the imagination of those who see it fly:

Copywriting: Wonderful Examples to Inspire You 10

12. Copywriting for WhatsApp

Kalyaan is a brand related to the world of yoga that communicates with its customers through the famous messaging network successfully. Its texts give the necessary information in a very small space, and if the person wants to know something more, they have to send a message.

Now let’s look at some other examples of big brands with good copy:

  • Bachoco: This Mexican company that sells chicken and eggs has a copy that quickly connects with its audience creatively.
  • Netflix: This streaming platform has an excellent use of copywriting and knows very well how to connect with its audience through the series and movies it offers; check out these examples:
  • Ikea: The world-renowned furniture company is extremely creative in terms of marketing, and its copy reflects this. In these examples, you can see their ingenuity and how they make use of the everyday to connect with the audience.
  • Apple: This brand gives beautiful examples of copy that always leave its audience waiting and wanting to know more; that’s why it has a large number of followers who are always aware of its updates and new products; let’s see:
  • Mercedes-Benz: The messages of this brand are short, but impactful. They are typically accompanied by eye-catching images and descriptions that clearly express what they want and offer. Observed:
  • FedEx: The copy of this company with dynamics invites the reader to participate. Their texts are clear and direct; check this out:
  • 7up: This company has good examples of how copywriting can faithfully reflect the essence of a brand or product:
  • MasterCard: The phrase “There are things money can’t buy; for everything else, there is MasterCard” has left a lasting imprint on several generations around the world. It’s simple, elegant, but at the same time punchy:
  • Nido: This well-known brand of powdered milk for children goes straight to the heart of parents, for whom health is one of the basic priorities in childcare:

What should a good copy have? A few recommendations before starting copywriting

The above examples will serve as inspiration when you sit down at the table to write your own, but first, always keep in mind the following basic principles that every copy must have so that, when you start writing, you know how to perfectly combine art, imagination, and technique:

  • It should be easy for the audience to understand.
  • It must captivate and catch the attention of those who read it.
  • Being precise in what you want to express and giving an idea a lot of thought doesn’t work.
  • It must be strongly attached or related to the image because one leans on the other.
  • There must be a prior study of the target audience to know what communicational tone to use.
  • It’s also a good idea to study the competition, as it’s not about copying them but about seeing what’s trending in your niche, taking what works best for you, and improving it.
  • It is important to pay attention to the channel where the publication will be made. The style and size of the copy should vary according to this, as they all have different conditions and characteristics.

Examples of Power Words You Can Use When Writing Your Copy

The following list of words will come in handy when it comes to grabbing readers’ attention, so use them the next time you’re writing copy:

  • You: There’s nothing better than this pronoun to build a sense of intimacy with the customer.
  • Verbs that generate emotions: We know that many purchasing decisions a person makes are made with the emotional part of their brain, so using verbs such as feel, imagine, discover, dream, decide, drive, improve, etc. It’s essential when it comes to creating a captivating copy.
  • Words about time: We all know how valuable time is in our lives, so appealing to this feeling is an idea that always yields good results. Next time, try phrases like “immediately,” “what are you waiting for,” “don’t wait any longer,” and “This offer is for a limited time.”
  • Unique: This word always refers to exclusivity, and everyone likes this feeling. You can also use others such as “secret,” “be one of the lucky few,” “limited amounts,” and “only for subscribers.”
  • Economical: Appeal to the customer’s pocket; use terms such as “save,” “free,” “discount,” “offer,” and “low prices.” These phrases will capture the customer’s attention instantly. 

Copywriting is a fundamental pillar of the marketing of any brand or company. Its success depends on its good or bad use, so if you want to start in this world, knowing the basic concepts of the area will help you do a good job and improve every day.

When writing copy that converts, generates traffic, and catches the attention of the reader, you should take into consideration good spelling and writing skills and a taste for reading.

If you have all of the above and lack inspiration, take advantage of the copywriting examples that we offer and start writing!

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Lisa Santamaria
Published: 27 March, 2024