Best Travel & Tourism Blogs. 10 Blogs to Get Links


These are 10 must-read Travel & Tourism blogs to get backlinks as part of your linkbuilding strategy

The summer period is a period of great uncertainty and inactivity when it comes to link-building campaigns. The holidays reduce the activity, but thanks to the holiday period, a window of media and a specific target audience opens.That is why I offer you the Best Travel and Tourism Blogs.

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Catalog of the Best Travel & Tourism Blogs just below

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These are “The Best Travel & Tourism Blogs”

Jon to de World Travle Blog

Jon is a traveler whose origins can be traced back to the Philippine Islands, and since 2014, he has been working full-time as a travel blogger, both in his country and the rest of the world. He is a well-known personality within his country, even having a TV show.
The blog is written in English, and its SEO metrics are more than 30 points, along with an organic traffic of more than 300,000 monthly visits.

Pommie Travels

Victoria is a British travel blogger, also known as Pommie, who spends her time exploring the world while working remotely. Her blog is designed to inspire others to travel the world. She offers travel tips and destinations. 

Travel Daily News

Travel Daily News is the place to get up to date travel news. Information on this site varies from the latest airport updates to the best hotels to stay at a particular destination. Information is presented in multiple formats such as blog posts, seminars, and events. This blog has a DA of 61 and great organic traffic flow. 

Travel with Bender

Josh Bender has been a nomadic traveler since May 2012. He is a world-leading travel blogger and photographer. His site is very diverse including travel tips, the best road trips, travel gear, and much more. Furthermore, his site gives product reviews of various topics including mobile, luggage, travel, and booking. 

The Travel Vibes

The Travel Vibes is a collective blog of expert travel writers and experienced travel journalists. The site offers opinions on things to do at various destinations. They also offer information on destinations that you might want to visit separated by country, America, Asia, Europe. This blog is unique because they provide information on immigration procedures. 

El Viajero Feliz

El Viajero Feliz is an ideal travel blog to discover destinations and plan your vacation. Travel tips, routes, and ideas are shared to make discovering your destinations easier so you don’t miss any place, although it is still unknown to tourists. Their articles are SEO-optimized, large-formatted, and offer the best support to make links as effective as possible.

Viajero Turista

Viajero Turista is the blog written by the Youtube channel of the same name. This website summarizes tips and travel guides from various destinations such as Japan, Europe, USA and others. It is consulted by users who are looking for information to plan their trips on their own, so they intend to buy in the short term. Its audience is Spanish, Latin American and Spanish speakers from the USA.

If we are referring to the topic of best travel and tourism blogs, logically, we have to talk about international blogs, including the leading digital magazine in Germany, Archzine. It is a very innovative magazine and deals with many other topics, with tips and articles on design ideas and travel as the most prominent topics.

Its most prominent SEO metrics are a Domain authority of more than 50 points and organic traffic close to 400,000 visits.

Femturisme is the leading portal for tourism and leisure in Catalonia. It offers information of interest and promotes tourist destinations, establishments, and tourist and cultural events. Thanks to the quality of its content, its pages appear in the first results of search engines, thus offering maximum visibility to its customers.

It has almost 50 points in all its SEO metrics and stands out for being a blog with articles in several languages, such as Spanish, French, English, and Catalan.

Público Viajes

Find your perfect plan in Público Viajes, a website made by and for people who want to travel and share experiences. The best ideas for your next vacation and tricks to save on your next trip.

This blog has SEO metrics where all of them touch or even exceed 80 rating points, being one of the reference blogs within the topics of travel and tourism. In addition, as a most impressive fact, it generates an organic traffic of more than 3 million visits per month.

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